Venture Capital and Mergers and Acquisition

The capital process is most effective when goals and objectives are clearly visible, committed to by all shareholders, stakeholders and measurable.

Equiventure Capital will lead your organization through the process of creating a capital acquisition strategy. The process is capable of taking your company through multiple rounds, especially in the startup phase when your valuation is low. Preparation is the key, as is the business planning and associated research. Equiventure Capital will work through your planning documents, assist your organization in the areas where effort is required and lead the organization in the preparation and presentation of your investment documents.

Seasoned management experienced in both private and public capital markets will assist in the preparation and introduction to targeted investors. Initial meetings using an investment pitch prepared under our direction will expedite the selection of a lead investor while insuring potential investment opportunities, aligning with your company’s long-term objectives to create and leverage a successful raise.

Primary Focus
While not an investment firm or venture capitalist, management at Equiventure Capital has been instrumental in raising substantial sums of capital through private placements, M&A events, structured finance, or other asset based lines of credit. Our ability to introduce your organization to the right people at the right time is priceless.

  • Venture Capital
  • Structured Finance
  • Joint Venture / Equity
  • Joint Venture Financing

What Stage is your Organization?

Your organization can begin by having Equiventure Capital analyze your existing portfolio of information, potential and current situation.  We provide an in depth review of your current and specific business stage, your level of business planning and matching financial objectives along with a strategy review that will provide insight, cure deficiencies in your processes and help you to develop corrective action. From there a blueprint of services is developed, and objectives are outlined for your approval. Begin by submitting your organizations Business Plan. Equiventure Capital will analyze your stage and opportunity and begin by making strategic recommendations.

Submit Your Business Plan:

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