Strategic Market Analysis

Define your strategic objectives with Go-To-Market strategies; assess opportunity that provides a lower cost of sales and a more productive and profitable channel mix.

With Equiventure Capital’s team of seasoned managers, your team can size up your competition while sizing the market; create a competitive assessment while also creating a complimentary assessment. By knowing who is in the market, but also know who is in the market with complementary products to your organization, while building strength in your product life cycle management solutions. Recognize potential strategic partners while more narrowly defining your customer requirements.

Target and Position

Equiventure Capital can help maintain control over your marketing dollars by identifying your best customers, their decision criteria, and by fine-tuning your selling proposition.  We can assist you with building a strategy to adapt to a rapidly changing market by supporting your marketing efforts with a message that resonates with the customer.  Equiventure Capital can add value to both your organization and your sales efforts by prioritizing your company’s marketing programs and messaging, allowing your sales organization to articulate what you stand for at any point in the sales cycle.  We can assist you to clearly identify and attract customers by demographic, positioning statement or priority, and give them a reason to buy by jump-starting your marketing efforts with the following:

  • Development of Positioning Statements and Key Messages.
  • Create an architectural process so every sales/marketing program complies with your messaging Develop partnerships and alliances.
  • Design a complete sales process, including funnel modeling.
  • Refine or develop a sales strategy.

Sales Model and Channel Development

Sales models should tie directly to your marketing efforts and the processes should be there to support these programs. Distribution and Alliances partners need objectives and clearly defined programs that prioritize activities and allocate resources. To define or refine the Channel or Alliance strategy, roles and responsibilities require set expectations. Communications must identify hidden issues that affect the channel. An organization needs to develop partnering metrics and a concise channel prospect profile.

  • Develop joint planning and marketing plans that include; seminars, advertising, lead generation scenarios and promotions.
  • Establish a channel mix that has both regional and national exposure for trade shows, advertising, and promotions, managed through an established process.
  • Develop voice of the customer metrics.

Equiventure Capital will guide your organization through a framework to provide a highly effective mechanism to clearly align your marketing strengths with your corporate revenue goals. Together we develop a framework and blueprint of services specifically tailored to meet your objectives.