Welcome to the Venture Capital Consulting Division

Successful organizations require coherent and explicit blueprints that meet the demands of a changing competitive environment. Equiventure Capital’s Venture Capital Consulting Division provides a defined and differentiated method for developing these opportunities and for leveraging internal strengths to sustain long-term growth and value.

We can assist your organization’s growth path through a series of integrated decision points to position your business.  Whether you are preparing for growth, looking to acquire outside capital, designing new metrics or striving to be customer-driven, a comprehensive business strategy will drive your profits and maintain your organizations leadership.  Our dedicated team of market professionals can give your team help finding innovative solutions as well as a depth of both functional and industry expertise for developing growth opportunities.

  • Venture Capital
  • Strategy Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Planning

Looking for seed investment or debt and equity financing; we can provide an array of business planning services to meet the business demands and ongoing capital needs for emerging companies within high growth industries.  Our staff of seasoned experts will lead your organization through the process of creating a capital acquisition strategy. This process is capable of taking your company through multiple rounds, especially in the startup phase when your valuation is low.

Guidance to Define your Success

Our main focus is increasing the Client’s ability to effectively release their innovative power to achieve financing for short and long term goals. Equiventure Capital provides a highly effective mechanism to clearly define and view opportunity, re-align fragmented initiatives and present your organization in a completely new light. Seasoned management, experienced in both private and public capital markets, will assist in the preparation and introduction to targeted investors. Initial meetings using an investment pitch prepared under our direction will expedite the selection of a lead investor. By closing the gap between operational goals and corporate objectives, Equiventure Capital will provide specific guidance and a clear understanding of what your organization needs.