Comprehensive Business Planning

Define your strategic objectives with Go-To-Market strategies; assess opportunity that provides a lower cost of sales and a more productive and profitable channel mix.

Planning is the only effective key for insuring success. A well-conceived and effective Business Plan is the only way the organization can articulate its goals, secure financing or simply grow the business. A professional and innovative business plan that gets results will include; detailed financial forecasts, insightful analysis and creative marketing strategies proven in today's marketplace. Included are Human Resource plans and a comprehensive analysis of your business. Equiventure Capital provides services that will provide your organization with the ability to give highly effective presentations geared specifically to each of the following funding sources:

  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors
  • Corporate or Strategic Investors
  • Merger and Acquisition Targets
  • Strategic Alliance Partners

Solutions Beyond the Basics

The risks and benefits of market demands are dependent on your organizations ability to proactively challenge your competitor’s efforts to beat you to market. A professional investor-grade business plan will enable your search for capital or strategic transactions to move forward. Equiventure Capital will guide your organization through the creation of a business plan to include:

  • Financial Projections
  • Selling Memorandum
  • Investor Presentations and Target Investor Presentations

Whether you are looking for seed investment or debt and equity financing; we can provide an array of business planning services to meet the business demands and ongoing capital needs for emerging companies within high growth industries.

Plan Analysis

Comprehensive and in-depth analysis is the key to reviewing and then re-developing a plan that may be vague or lacks real influence. Does your plan contain unrealistic financial projections, lack competitive data, over-hype the business prospects or does it simply not provide enough market research? Is your target audience clearly defined or do you take the "everyone" approach?

The Equiventure Capital framework will provide a highly effective mechanism to clearly define and view opportunity, re-align fragmented messaging and present your organization in a completely new light. By closing the gap, between operational goals and corporate objectives will provide specific guidance and a clear understanding of where your organization needs to be. Equiventure Capital can develop a framework and blueprint of services specifically tailored to meet your objectives.