Required Investment Criteria

Equiventure Capital offers a foundation of equity experience, operational expertise and a “hybrid” investment approach that provides value creation solutions through operational improvements and strategy development. We apply our “strategic” resources to accomplish the Client’s goal without compromising the autonomy, strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit of their leadership team. To achieve financing for capital intensive projects Equiventure Capital draws upon its years of association with high-net-worth individuals, private investment funds and investor groups, key institutions, investment banks and other venture capital firms.

Equiventure Capital is not an investment fund or an investment bank, we are a transaction based firm committed to understanding our Client’s business vision and assisting them with providing the strategic oversight and guidance to fulfill the criteria an investor/institution requires for a successful investment. The experienced staff at Equiventure Capital will assist your management team to provide a framework and the resources and oversight necessary in today’s market environment.

The following are guidelines to our targeted investment criteria:

Basic Criteria:

  • Experienced Management and/or Advisory team with 1 to 5 years operating history with sales revenue and a market potential that would excite potential investors.
  • Products/Technology or Intellectual Property, which provides a competitive advantage in target market.
  • Opportunities for adding value, including synergistic M&A opportunities; exit strategy and timetable for achieving liquidity are well defined.

Exceptions are made when:

  • The product is unique and entirely new to the market and the market opportunity is large and under-served or the product has a competitive advantage or other excellent economic advantage.
  • The Founder and/or Team have a deep market and domain expertise, with a proven success record in the chosen industry.

We are interested in the following areas:

  • Consumer Products or other Food, Beverage & Hospitality related industries
  • Hi-Technology Manufacturing and related industries
  • Internet Products or Services
  • Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID)
  • Digital Storage, Mobile Wireless / Wi-Fi
  • Telecommunication Equipment and Services
  • Environmental & Sustainable Technology, Alternative Energy
  • Medical Device & Equipment, Tools & Diagnostics and Healthcare Services
  • Business Acquisition or Product Roll-up Strategies
  • Businesses with recurring revenue business models

Geographic Focus:

  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Europe
  • Asia

General Transaction Types:

  • Management Buyouts
  • Private Company Recapitalization through Equity or Joint Venture Financing
  • Operational Turnarounds or Corporate Partnerships
  • Growth / Expansion / Venture Capital
  • Leveraged Buildup or Acquisition Financing

Funds Sought:

  • Seed - $500k - $1M USD
  • Intermediate - $1M - $25M USD
  • Market Expansion - $25M - $100M+ USD
  • Equity or Joint Venture Financing - $10M to $1 Billion+ USD

Submissions and General Guidelines:

Portfolio companies should be able to demonstrate an ability to achieve profitability with the funds invested within an 18-24 month period from the initial investment. For consideration, prospect companies should send email to the venture capital team with the following documents enclosed.

  • An Executive Summary (no more than two pages)
  • A slide deck (no more than 15 slides)

In order for Equiventure Capital to make an informed decision, prospective companies upon request will need to be able to or will require assistance with providing the following:

  • PowerPoint / PDF Investor Presentation
  • Business Plan and Financial Model / Projections
  • Capitalization Table - (Detail of current investors)
  • Market Analysis
  • Detailed Sales and Marketing Plan with Detailed HR / Resources Plan
  • Current Customer List / References
  • Historical Financials
  • Personal Information on Executive Team
  • Exit Strategy

We will provide an in depth review of your current and specific business stage, your level of business planning and matching financial objectives along with a strategy review that will provide insight, cure deficiencies in your processes and help you to develop corrective action. From there a blueprint of services is developed, and objectives are outlined for your approval. Begin by submitting your organizations Executive Summary and deck. Ultimately, this strategy assures our Clients achieve the most efficient financing structure to enable them to successfully ride the capital financing wave of their future!