Current Events

New Headquarter Office!

Equiventure Capital is expanding to larger quarters at their new office located on TIMES SQUARE – Cross Roads of the World!

Equiventure Capital launches Hospitality Leisure Group

To fulfill the growing demand for financing in the Hospitality Leisure Industry, Equiventure Capital adds a Hospitality Leisure division under the direction of John Schopfer. This group will provide global financing services for every type of hospitality asset.

Equiventure Capital Hospitality Leisure Group Ð A Trustee Company of American Resort Development Association

Equiventure Capital Hospitality Leisure Group has become an American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Trustee Company.

Student Housing Financing: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Adapting to changing circumstances in financing is the best chance for survival today. A web article written by Elizabeth Vallone of Equiventure Capital.

To view the full article, Click Here

Equiventure introduces a unique 100% Financing Joint Venture program from a Direct Private Lender

Equiventure Capital has introduced an aggressive 100% financing Joint Venture program from one of their Direct Private Lenders. This program has been receiving great attention since it does not involve any up-front costs; at closing the developer/investors are reimbursed for all approved costs; loan rate at LIBOR + 100-200 bs; deferred loan repayment; etc. In exchange the Joint Venture investor takes an equity position on the project. The equity position can be purchased back by the original developer over a 10 year time frame or sooner. The project must create new jobs and stimulate the local economy as a basis for the Joint Venture commitment. Call us for more information so that we can evaluate the feasibility of your project fitting into this type loan program.