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Welcome to Equiventure Capital

Headquartered in New York, and with offices throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Equiventure Capital's dedicated team of financial experts in commercial real estate, joint venture developments, and Venture Capital, can deliver creative financing solutions across the entire capital stack for a broad range of projects located nation-wide and internationally.

Equiventure Capitalís Commercial Real Estate division offers many alternatives and advantages in financing all types of commercial projects.† Through our established partnership with an FHA/HUD Bank, our firm is well positioned to give our Clients direct access to capital financing for construction/acquisition and refinancing of Multi-family, Assisted Living, Healthcare, Student Housing and other HUD related projects.† Equiventure Capitalís underwriting team, coupled with our direct lending capacity consistently provide Clients with in-depth guidance throughout the entire HUD process.

For projects that do not fit the HUD program, Equiventure Capital has access to a broad range of debt, equity and joint venture groups from small financial to extremely large commercial projects involving hundreds of acres of developed and undeveloped property. For Clients that are asset rich, cash limited, but have a strong Senior Housing, Assisted Living or Multifamily construction and/or rehab project, Equiventure Capitalís Development Group has perfected an alternative plan to fund these projects through a joint venture partnership program.

Equiventureís Venture Capital division provides a broad range of expertise in the areas of corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, public offerings, equity investments and capital placement transactions for projects involving new technologies, alternative energy, franchises, and other unique products and services.

Equiventure Capital Hospitality Leisure Group is dedicated to providing financing alternatives for every type of hospitality asset involving repositioning, new development, acquisition, sales, equity investments, bridge and mezzanine. Our record of experience has provided creative financing solutions and in-depth analytical expertise to key corporate decision makers. Since we have represented and consulted on widely known Hospitality properties, our Clients have trusted Equiventure Capital to operate under very strict privacy rules to effectively achieve the Clients objectives without disturbing their operation. Coupled with our private funding sources and direct relationships with major operators and developers, Equiventure Capital provides the Hospitality Industry with efficient and effective financing solutions.

In sum, Equiventure Capital and our global source of direct lending partners can navigate complex financial transactions involving the most challenging projects. We chart an individual course of structured financing that is tailored to your needs. Whether your project is $2 Million dollars or a complex project exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars, Equiventure Capital will guide you in achieving your financial goal. Equiventure Capital provides expert on-going financial advisory services that extend throughout all phases of a project. For every project, the goal is to establish and implement a schedule of multiple financing solutions and benchmarks designed to reduce the cost of financing over the term of a project. Ultimately, this strategy assures our Clients achieve the most efficient financing structure to enable them to successfully ride the capital financing wave of their future!