Renée Marble, Senior Associate, Southeastern Division

Renée Marble, joined Equiventure Capital in 2017 and serves as the firm's Senior Associate for the Southeastern Region. Based in Jackson, Mississippi, Ms Marble brings a 30+ year career of commercial real estate and business development experience to the Equiventure Team. Her role includes origination and development of new client projects, providing financial direction and consultation for new construction and commercial expansion, as well as, refinancing for existing clients.

Prior to joining Equiventure, Renée focused on an entrepreneurial path that included the development of an employee benefit product for first time home buyers. This patented real estate venture provided seasoned access to banks, credit unions, private investors and financial resources. Her experience in this residential sector has expanded into a focused expertise in the multifamily housing sector, senior and assisted living communities as well as investment rental portfolios. Real estate developers find Ms Marble's knowledge a value-add to their condominium and townhome projects.

Renée's educational background includes a Bachelors in Business Development and Marketing from Mississippi College. Early on in her career, she was involved in economic development initiatives, both in the public and private sectors. This extensive background in ec-dev prepared her to navigate the complexities of real estate development, ensuring that client projects connect the appropriate dots, and align with seasoned talent, and funding resources.