Michael Mercer - Senior Advisory Board Member

Michael Mercer, is an experienced CFO/COO of 20 years developing companies by leading high performance financial, operational, and marketing teams. A Proven Strategic Asset Manager, adept at developing key assets of land, resources, and capital. Previous owner and operator of three Paper Plants, Shredding Companies, Convenience Stores, and Warehouses; Michael operated on the front lines as the face of an organization communicating, building, selling, negotiating, and operating successful organizations.

Michael has a deep ability to understand business requirements, articulate a vision, evaluate risks and define road maps to strengthen operational capabilities, processes, infrastructure, and employee system investments. His ability to leverage technology eliminating redundant, time consuming and costly manual production operations are a conduit to enhancing a company's competitive advantage. Spending an entire career between CFO and COO responsibilities he has lead the developed hundreds of financial bank and investor business plans, budgets, forecasts, and competitive analysis reports. He has financed and developed dozens of buildings and properties, including sourcing and funding large equipment projects. Michael is experienced in negotiating political avenues for development space including TIFF and Grant funding needs. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in Accounting and an MBA at the College of Business also at the University of Cincinnati, Michael currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.