John Schopfer - Senior Associate, Hospitality/Resort Finance Division

John Schopfer has 20 plus years experience in hospitality-leisure and resort real estate industries throughout the USA, Mexico and Canada, Hawaii, Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa. Mr. Schopfer has worked with many outstanding hospitality leisure companies, such Conrad, Intrawest, and Gaylord, as well as scores of individual projects. His broad experience encompasses products ranging from hotels to vacation and private residence clubs, whole-owned luxury vacation homes, and high-end private residential golf communities. He has been a developer, as well as corporate executive of large development and service companies such as Resort Condominiums International, Pahio Resorts, Americas Resort Group, and Vacation International. John has lead several resort development services firms (Resort Capital Resources, Clubworks International and Simplicity International) specializing in product development, financing and project structuring. Mr. Schopfer has been an active industry speaker and leader in ARDA (American Resort Development Association) as a Chairman League member and Trustee. Equiventure Capital Hospitality Leisure Group is currently an ARDA Trustee Company.